“It was a joy and a privilege to hear Castlemaine Chamber Players perform Brahms’ Sextets 1 and 2, both in
just over a month. Yesterday I found myself immersed often in that lush, complex, entwined,
melodious and moving ‘Brahms sound’, with you all barely a few metres away!
I’d blink and find myself in Romsey. Rather stunning actually.”

– Ruth Williams, Cope-Williams Concert, Romsey


The Castlemaine Chamber Players perform a variety of music composed for string ensemble, from duos, trios and quartets to larger ensembles. Music such as Schubert’s Quintet and the Brahms’ Sextets; works of great musical and expressive power yet less often played because their performance requires a less common mix of instruments. As well as playing masterworks from the Classical and Romantic music styles, they explore contemporary Australian compositions.

In order to achieve this, guest performers join with the group for specific performances.


Photography: Otto van Pagee Anderson & Simon Veitch