“It was a joy and a privilege to hear Castlemaine Chamber Players perform Brahms’ Sextets 1 and 2, both in
just over a month. Yesterday I found myself immersed often in that lush, complex, entwined,
melodious and moving ‘Brahms sound’, with you all barely a few metres away!
I’d blink and find myself in Romsey. Rather stunning actually.”

– Ruth Williams, Cope-Williams Concert, Romsey

The Castlemaine Chamber Players perform string music composed for ensembles larger than the standard string quartet. Music such as Schubert’s Quintet and the Brahms’ Sextets; works of great musical and expressive power yet rarely heard because their performance requires an unusual mix of instruments. The Players comprise a core group with guest performers invited for different repertoire.

Contact: frances@twofold.com.au

Photography: Otto van Pagee Anderson & Simon Veitch